US-based Cellular Research has introduced its Precise targeted RNASeq assays, which deliver accuracy and sensitivity for low expression targets in rare and low quantity samples.

The Precise assays integrate molecular and sample indexing in 96 and 384 sample formats, allowing customers to sequence up to 4,608 samples in a single sequencing run without the need for additional investment in new equipment or extensive training.

Cellular Research Steve Fodor said: "The Precise assays use next generation sequencing in conjunction with Cellular Research’s Molecular Indexing technology to create a powerful, more accurate alternative to quantitative PCR (qPCR).

"Cellular Research has designed the Precise assays for high-throughput applications where accuracy and precision are desired, and which are currently poorly served by qPCR," Fodor added.

The company has also commercially introduced application-focused panels for the Precise assays, including panels designed for oncology, induced pluripotent stem cells and immunology.

The company also offers standalone direct mRNA quantitation platform, The Pixel system, in addition to the Precise Assays.