Celleration has completed enrolling first patient in its Inflammation, Bacteria, & Angiogenesis effects in Launching Venous Leg Ulcer healing: A Clinical Evaluation (IN-BALANCE VLU) trial.

The controlled, multi-center, prospective and randomized trial is designed to study the effectiveness of MIST Therapy in treating chronic lower extremity venous ulcers.

The study will compare the effect of MIST Therapy on wound healing rates to conventional standard of care.

The study will characterize cellular and molecular changes surrounding inflammation by sub-analyzing fluid and tissue samples as well as study angiogenesis effects and bio-burden impact of the treatments.

Celleration president and CEO Mark Wagner said, "We believe the results from IN-BALANCE VLU will clearly differentiate MIST Therapy from the vast array of wound care options by providing compelling evidence of superior healing rates and a thorough understanding of the mechanism of actions of MIST Therapy."