Cell Biosciences has secured Patent No 7,846,676 for 'Methods and Devices for Analyte Detection' from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

The patent represents a key element of intellectual property related to NanoPro assay technology, which is directed towards the detection of specific proteins in complex biological samples.

NanoPro assay technology is used by premier researchers in the fields of cancer research, stem cell biology, diabetes and drug development to characterize proteins in extremely small and precious samples, enabling accelerated development of new therapeutics and identification of new prognostic and diagnostic disease biomarkers.

Cell Biosciences Product Development vice president Bob Gavin said the NanoPro platform represents a transformational approach to protein characterization.

"The platform’s ability to study proteins in extremely small samples has led to its adoption by leading research institutions and drug development companies worldwide. We look forward to continuing the delivery of innovative products based on this technology," Gavin said.