Celanese will highlight polymers that help manufacturers of medical devices ranging from surgical tools to orthopedic implants to improve product design, safety and effectiveness at the K 2016 plastics show in Düsseldorf, Germany.

“As medical materials are pushed to perform at higher levels, manufacturers are looking to certified medical-grade polymers to conform to specific property and quality standards, as well as applicable regulatory requirements,” said Todd Elliott, vice president of Material Solutions, Celanese.

 “At K 2016, we will show our customers the value of partnering with Celanese as they face the challenges of selecting medical-grade materials.”

Medical device researchers and manufacturers use Celanese MT® (Medical Technology) grade polymers to design products capable of moving parts, precision dosing and wear resistance. Devices such as orthopedic implants last longer and are more life-like when made with these polymers.

Insulin injection pens and measured drug delivery devices, such as syringes and asthma inhalers, are made stronger with MT® grade polymers that are durable, reliable and compliant. Celanese polymers are tested to have the required medical properties for consistent operation critical to patients and practitioners.

Isaac Khalil, Celanese vice president of Global Medical, stated: “Celanese is continuing to expand its MT® portfolio to meet our customers’ increasing requirements. Customer design trends that are critical to quality include connectivity, miniaturization, aesthetics and part precision.

Celanese’s medical portfolio is catering to these trends, with solutions such as laser-direct structuring, high flow Vectra® LCP, molded-in-color polymers, heat dissipating technology, USP Class VI standards, and DMF access and regulatory support.”

At K 2016, Celanese will highlight three strategies to successful product development and manufacturing using its MT® grade engineered materials:

Design Freedom: The Celanese portfolio of medical grade polymers helps keep medical devices easy to operate, enables efficient and safe treatment administration, and ensures ease-of-use for patients, thereby allowing manufacturers to bring new products to market faster with greater user acceptance.

Appearance: Medical devices are complex and so are the requirements to differentiate and identify critical components. The Celanese MT® product portfolio helps designers address these challenges with highly tested, low-wear materials that allow for molding in the shapes and forms needed for each component. Patients with chronic conditions depend on these devices to have a discrete look and size, carefully choosing the ones that work best.

Performance: The extreme properties and quality standards of Celanese medical-grade polymers – such as the Ateva® G-series ethylene vinyl acetate polymers used in blood bags, nutrition bags and medical tubing – help manufacturers design and make devices that are high performing, durable and operate consistently, all critical to treatment compliance, patient health and quality of life.

Decades of polymer development, technical expertise and life sciences industry knowledge goes into each Celanese medical-grade material. The Celanese MT® and Ateva® G-series medical polymers address many of today’s challenges such as patient compliance and dosage frequency to offer proven, safe and reliable materials.

Celanese engineers work closely with medical device researchers and manufacturers around the world to interpret their critical requirements and identify the right polymers from the broad portfolio of material solutions that meet regulatory requirements. They also guide designs to be effective, functional and accurate while streamlining development and regulatory approvals.

Celanese continues to support customer franchises in diabetes care, COPD and orthopedics with a broad and expanding materials portfolio. Customers can utilize Celanese’s MT® service package for consistently high quality materials, continuity of supply and technical support.