Casetabs announced the preliminary launch of its mobile and desktop service for ambulatory surgery centers.

Since a beta release in February, seven national surgery centers have implemented Casetabs to coordinate the communication and planning of their cases. Administrators, materials managers, clinical staff, device reps and physicians at these facilities have participated in real-world trials centered around better case communication and collaboration.

"The ‘telephone’ game just doesn’t belong in surgery centers," says Gavin Fabian, CEO for Casetabs.

"Our vision has been to build an app that would centralize case communication. Casetabs provides real-time, helpful updates to the case team, with the ultimate goal of saving time, reducing case delays, and improving job satisfaction."

Some of the initial features of Casetabs include real-time schedule visibility keeps everyone on the same synchronized calendar.
Live updates and alerts ensure no important case details are missed.

Easy management of each case’s particular product and support requests.

Anytime and anywhere access in a HIPAA-compliant environment.

Set-up and onboarding support by Casetabs staff.

Hunter Wagner, the Director of Product for Casetabs, explains that, "coordinating a surgical case is more than just finding available time in an OR. It involves ensuring timely transmission of information, notifying staff of updates, ensuring the on-time arrival of products and equipment, requesting vendor rep support, and more."