CaridianBCT has released Trima Accel automated blood collection system version 6.0 to provide streamline operations and increase cost savings for customers worldwide.

CaridianBCT has updated the Trima Accel system with additional features designed to enhance the system’s versatility, particularly Auto RBC.

The new Auto RBC function automates the in-line leukoreduction of red blood cells (RBCs), which eliminates the need for lab processing with ready-to-store, leukoreduced RBC products to streamline blood center operations.

In conjunction with the updated Trima Accel system, CaridianBCT has also released an enhanced version of the Vista Information System (Version 3.2).

The Vista system automates donor eligibility while providing real-time collection visibility and centralized management of procedure priorities and maximises the capabilities of the new Trima Accel system with new benefits, including expanded lab capability and improved data management.

Karlstad Hospital director and medical advisor in Sweden Per-Olof Forsberg said, “We have been extremely pleased with the latest version’s new and updated features including the greater flexibility, ease of use, the Auto RBC component and ability to streamline our entire procedure processes.”

CaridianBCT automated collections senior vice president of Bob Cole said, “Our customized approach to providing the highest level of customer support combined with the new additions to the Trima Accel system will deliver powerful results to maximize productivity within the blood center.”