The medical device firm said that its Caretaker patient monitoring platform is used in monitoring Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (CNIBP) & wireless vital signs.

The combination of Caretaker with HealthSaaS provides a new solution that allows clinicians to remotely monitor patients across the full duration of care from any location in the world, including pre-admission, clinic, in-hospital, and post-discharge.

The traditional remote patient monitoring solutions requires patients to be connected and use a numerous devices multiple times per day, while the Caretaker wearable monitor streams continuous blood pressure & Vital Signs data to the HealthSaaS IoT Platform.

The company said that rather than depending on just a few intermittent ‘spot check’ blood pressure measurements gathered throughout the day, the new platform allows clinicians to track and analyze continuously streaming ‘beat-by-beat’ blood pressure, heart rate, and respiratory rate.

In addition, the platform also enables clinicians to track and analyse other related parameters to better visualize trends and provide more comprehensive care from a single wearable monitor.

Caretaker Medical president & CEO Jeff Pompeo said: “We are excited to have our FDA-Cleared Caretaker wireless patient monitor streaming continuous “Beat-by-Beat” Blood Pressure and Vital Signs to the HealthSaaS Remote Monitoring Cloud.

“Continuous Patient Monitoring provides a much better view of cardiovascular health than typical intermittent spot-check vital sign measurements, and clinicians can make better decisions by analyzing trend data in near real-time. Caretaker brings “ICU Level Quality” continuous monitoring to all points of care with full patient mobility.”

The company has secured the FDA clearance and CE-Mark certification for Caretaker wireless CNIBP and Vital Signs Monitor and has made immediately available for use with the HIPAA-Compliant HealthSaaS remote monitoring platform.

HealthSaaS CEO Frank Ille said: “Adding Caretaker continuous blood pressure monitoring to the HealthSaaS connected device portfolio, is a significant step forward in our hospital-to-home strategy for cardiology patients.

“ICU level data monitoring from the home, combined with our intelligent rules engine, provides actionable information to clinicians which can help facilitate early interventions and lower hospital readmissions.”