The CARESTREAM DRX-Evolution marries the positioning flexibility of the industry’s first cassette-size, wireless DR detector with the rapid workflow of a fully-automated DR suite. This breakthrough combination helps simplify even the most challenging views to help maximize productivity and enhance patient care.

By installing a DRX-1 system, healthcare providers can convert an existing x-ray room to DR technology without modifying existing x-ray equipment. The DRX-Evolution makes it possible for healthcare facilities to upgrade to a single- or dual-detector DR suite. The flexibility of the DRX-1 detector delivers compelling advantages, whether an organization is upgrading to a DRX-1 system or planning to adopt a full DR suite.

Carestream Health’s DRX-1 system incorporates a console and 14 x 17 inch (35 x 43 cm) DR detector that provides a rapid, affordable conversion for users of radiographic film or CR systems. The rapid speed of wireless communication delivers images to the console in seconds, and the detector allows for fast and easy patient positioning.

The DRX-Evolution features flexibility and productivity as a result of its wall stand (with an extending tilt and swing Bucky), fixed elevating table and lightweight DRX-1 detector. Its auto-positioning capability moves the equipment to predefined positions with a press of a button, and the system includes the same user-friendly, touch-screen operator interface as other CR and DR systems from Carestream Health. Its modular components allow healthcare providers to configure the system to fit their space, applications and workflow.