As part of the deal, Unilife will supply cartridge based wearable injectors for all of Sanofi’s applicable large dose volume drugs, excluding insulins, for a minimum 15 years.

In addition, the deal will allow Sanofi to make Unilife’s wearable injectors available to its partners for use with applicable molecules under joint collaborations.

Unilife chairman and CEO Alan Shortall said the company continues to advance lead position in the fast-growing market for wearable injectors, a market which is expected to generate $8bn in sales at an average $25 per unit by 2025.

"Based upon public information and industry forecasts, Unilife estimates that Sanofi has between 5 to 10 molecules that will be delivered in wearable injectors," Shortall added.

Unilife is expecting to receive around $50m from customization programs relating to Sanofi molecules and indications, in addition to an upfront payment and device sales.

Both the companies will also work together to develop new technologies, which will address additional unmet or emerging needs for the delivery of large dose volume biologics.

Image: Unilife chairman and CEO Alan Shortall. Photo: courtesy of Mike Sweeney.