CarePredict provides health care solutions that predict potential health conditions in seniors by continuously monitoring daily activity and behavior patterns.

The digital health firm said that it uses lightweight sensors and smart wearables to continuously collect datasets on the daily activities like eating, drinking, sleeping, walking, toileting, grooming and so on. It is based on the premise that health declines in seniors manifest first as changes in the daily activity patterns.

Machine learning and neural nets are then deployed to categorize the data sets and surface actionable insights on possible health declines like urinary tract infection (UTI), depression, and increased risk of falls, days ahead of clinical diagnosis.

CarePredict said that its end-to-end solution uses the senior living community’s existing WiFi to collect the activity data and trigger alerts autonomously, along with using proprietary technology and Wi-Fi to provide two-way voice communication with the senior residents to communicate directly with the caregiver.

CarePredict CBO Jerry Wilmink said “We are thrilled about our partnership with CareWorx. WiFi is ubiquitous, has a broad range, and allows us to gather the massive amounts of kinematics and other sensor data that we need to continuously and remotely observe the evolving health of the senior.

“Having a robust, enterprise-grade wireless network infrastructure like the one CareWorx provides can make this data collection and delivery seamless and efficient.”

CareWorx claims that it provides devices and IT services in over 5,000 facilities across North America, as a complete technology solutions for senior care including wireless strategy, implementation and support.

In addition, the company provides senior care communities with a greater flexibility in technology planning and affordable Wi-Fi, preventing large up-front costs.

CareWorx EVP and GM Mark McIntyre said: “Solid infrastructure and a reliable network are necessities for today’s senior care communities who want to take advantage of incredible innovation from companies like CarePredict. We are very happy to be working with an organization like CarePredict that is dedicated to using technology to better the lives and care of seniors.”