The Esprida platform enables facility staff to manage and navigate between applications on the computer tablets, reducing costs related to building and adapting existing software applications and improving workflow.

Careworx president Steven Robertson said until now, long-term care facilities have faced complexities in effectively managing their systems and deploying valuable cloud-based software to their front line staff.

"By deploying the Esprida platform on the Careworx MultiPoint kiosk, our clients can more efficiently deliver patient care, manage, and interface with multiple time- and money-saving software applications," Robertson said.

Esprida strategic healthcare consultant and healthcare industry expert William Winkenwerder said the management features of this solution have the capacity to transform how long-term healthcare facilities provide care to patients.

"Esprida is ensuring reliable up-time for systems like MultiPoint which is the key to profitability and overall success," Winkenwerder said.