The AVAmax Vertebral Balloon is expected to enhance the affordability of spinal fracture procedures and is part of an all-in-one system that includes an eight-gauge or 10-gauge needle, bone cement and delivery instruments for kyphoplasty or vertebroplasty.

Medical Center of South Arkansas interventional radiologist Douglas Edmondson said that the AVAmax Vertebral Balloon is easier to use and more efficiently designed than the system previously available.

“With one more tool in the AVAmax toolbox, I can more selectively tailor spinal interventions with vertebropasty or kyphoplasty with a huge cost savings and no wasted materials,” Edmondson said.

The AVAmax PLUS vertebral augmentation system, which delivers cement for the procedure, allows the radiologist’s hands to be out of the radiation field to reduce radiation exposure.

With the launch of the new AVAmax Vertebral Balloon, CareFusion offers a full line of products in one system that address both vertebroplasty and balloon kyphoplasty, the two primary approaches to treat spinal compression fractures by delivering bone cement into the vertebral space with specialized needles.