CareFusion, a global medical device company, has launched SentrySuite, a new set of software applications that improve the quality of patient data and increase clinician productivity and efficiency in pulmonary and cardiopulmonary diagnostic settings.

The software focuses on data, organization, workflow and connectivity so physicians can focus more time on patient care. This runs on the CareFusion Jaeger and SensorMedics diagnostic devices.

CareFusion said SentrySuite enables customers to budget for a phased transition to the new software and hardware environments, while at the same time updating and extending their laboratories with new solutions.

In addition to diagnostic capabilities, the SentrySuite platform offers many additional benefits, including unlimited user access and user preference entry screens, animated operator coaching and guidance in real time during testing, disease classification and one single diagram that captures the quality of the diagnostics measurement performed on the patient, the company said.

SentrySuite’s capabilities will expand over time with a wide variety of diagnostic applications and it is currently available in the US, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

CareFusion Respiratory general manager and senior vice president Tony Lopez said based on customer feedback, their SentrySuite software is backwards-compatible with existing databases for Jaeger and SensorMedics pulmonary and cardiopulmonary diagnostics devices, allowing clinicians to transfer historical patient records to the new platform and complete patient data comparisons and trend analysis both of which are essential for assessing and developing the best patient treatments possible.