CareFusion has completed the acquisition of a distributor of medical technologies, UK Medical.

UK Medical distributes interventional and implantable single-use medical products for biopsy, cardiac, drainage, obstetrics and gynecology, non-vascular stenting, surgery and vertebroplasty to national health service and private health care sector in the UK.

CareFusion international commercial operations executive vice president Gordon LaFortune said the acquisition further strengthens the company’s presence in the UK, where it has built leadership positions in infusion therapy and infection prevention.

"We believe this acquisition will help us expand our long-standing partnership with U.K. Medical and better leverage the company’s clinical expertise to continue to grow our Procedural Solutions business in the United Kingdom and beyond," LaFortune added.

Earlier, UK Medical distributed CareFusion’s interventional technologies portfolio including soft-tissue and bone marrow biopsy needles, the AVAmax Advanced Vertebral Augmentation system and the PleurX Peritoneal Catheter Drainage system.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has supported to use CareFusion’s systems for vacuum-assisted drainage of treatment-resistant, recurrent malignant ascites.