CareFusion has entered into a five-year exclusive agreement with Seattle-based PHACTS to become the global reseller of PHACTS' medication management technologies.

PHACTS said its software helps hospitals automatically track drug inventories in real time across all pharmacy locations and support the efficient packaging and labeling of medications within the pharmacy.

The agreement expands the CareFusion Pyxis technologies portfolio to include: Pharmogistics inventory management and administration software that ties directly into hospital IT systems to track drugs and increases accuracy, simplifies workflow processes and improves productivity;

PharmoPack medication packaging and barcoding technology, a high-speed packaging and labeling system for oral drugs in solid form; and PharmoCode, a barcode labeling system for non-oral medications and devices, such as vials and syringes.

CareFusion Dispensing Technologies president Tom Leonard said with the addition of PHACTS market-leading products to their portfolio, the company is better positioned to help hospitals realize significant savings including a reduction in medication inventory on hand levels by up to 40%.

PHACTS executive vice president and co-founder Thomas McCarthy said their relationship with CareFusion will allow more hospitals to manage their inventory more efficiently in all dispensing areas across their health systems

"Additionally, our barcoding technologies will allow more hospitals to apply barcodes to medications to scan and verify for accuracy at the bedside, helping to increase patient safety and maximize Medicare reimbursements," McCarthy said.

CareFusion develops technologies including Alaris IV pumps, Pyxis automated dispensing and patient identification systems, AirLife, AVEA and LTV series of ventilators and respiratory products, ChloraPrep skin prep products, MedMined services for infection surveillance, V. Mueller and Snowden-Pencer surgical instruments and NeuroCare diagnostic products.