At Care Mentor AI’s booth, visitors will be able to learn about the capabilities of our out-of-the-box AI-based diagnostic systems intended for the interpretation of X-ray images of the chest, foot, knee joint, and breast


Image: Care Mentor AI to showcase X-ray products at RSNA 2019. Photo: Courtesy of Andersonvr/Pixabay

Care Mentor AI, an international company specializing in AI applications in medical image analysis will introduce their ideas to optimize the workflow of radiologists, enabling physicians to achieve better results in less time, at the booth No. 10840 at the Annual Congress of the Radiological Society of North America in 2019.

“Advanced technology enables the optimization of the work of radiologists across the world. Not only does it increase the level of interpretation precision carried out by doctors, but it also saves time and makes interpretations more cost-effective, which certainly impacts the overall performance of the medical institution and, thereby, makes high-quality medical assistance more available,” says Pavel Roytberg, co-founder of Care Mentor AI. “We can’t wait to present our solutions at RSNA 2019.”

About Care Mentor AI solutions

At our booth, visitors will be able to learn about the capabilities of our out-of-the-box AI-based diagnostic systems intended for the interpretation of X-ray images of the chest, foot, knee joint, and breast.

Breast X-ray images: the neural network performs screening (normal/pathology), determines 16 types of radiological abnormalities, provides a preliminary description of the investigation, and recommends further diagnostic procedures to be performed if it is necessary.

X-ray images of the foot: the neural network determines the angle of the foot arch and compares it with the reference value to determine the degree of longitudinal flatfoot.

X-ray images of knee joint: the neural network determines the degree of osteoarthrosis based on the analysis of bone and cartilage structures of the joint and the width of the articular cavity.

Mammography: the neural network performs screening (normal/pathology) and classifies screening results according to BI-RADS algorithm.

At our booth, we will announce our products under development — neural networks for interpretation head and chest CT results.

We will also offer various clinical and business scenarios demonstrating how our solutions can be applied in medical institutions. These may be easily integrated with the most commonly used EMRs and implemented as SaaS solutions.

This month, we will publish an article in Imaging in Medicine journal, No. 5, 2019, where we provide a detailed description of the unique architecture and algorithms applied to teach the Care Mentor AI neural network to analyze chest X-ray images. The article shows the evidence of the high level of precision and efficiency guaranteed by our solution.

Arrange for a meeting with a Care Mentor AI representative at RSNA 2019

Visitors of our AI SHOWCASE booth No. 10840 will be able to see the most recent Care Mentor AI’s technologies and discuss current and future projects with company’s executives. Please contact us to schedule a priority demo and/or meeting with Care Mentor AI representative during the forthcoming RSNA 2019 congress, that will take place on December 1–15 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL.

Care Mentor AI is an American-based company with an international development team, which has enabled the creation of a product that is competitive both in price and quality.

The company’s solutions have already been successfully implemented in medical institutions across Eastern Europe. Their efficiency has been proven clinically. We have high hopes for this congress in terms of finding the first adopters of this solution in the USA. We are really happy to launch the tested and proven product to the market in the country where we actually reside. Moreover, we hope that our new customers would kindly provide us with anonymized data for our neural networks for analysis of head and chest CT data, which are now under development.

Source: Company Press Release