CardioMag Imaging (CMI) has received two additional patents in the US and in China to protect key aspects of its technology that can detect early symptoms of heart disease without the use of injections or radiation.

CMI said that the US patent application entitled ‘Use of machine learning for classification of magneto cardiograms’, was applied on July 1, 2003, while the China patent application entitled ‘Method for classifying cardiography data’, was submitted on December 30, 2005.

CMI has developed and tested the value of its MagnetoCardioGraphy (MCG) system in clinical hospital settings in the US, Europe and China. Results of many of the tests, including moving color maps reflecting heart beat variations, have been presented and published in several medical society meetings and medical journals.

CMI’s MCG system is enabled through the use of an array of Superconducting Quantum Interference Devices (SQUIDS) and has received FDA clearance, the CE mark for Europe and approved for sale in Russia and China.

CMI said that the objective of the patents is to improve and facilitate human interpretation of real-time MCG diagnostic testing results based upon computer processing aided artificial intelligence.

CMI expects to greatly expand the use of the 10-minute test in the US of MCG systems for screening, upon securing Insurance Company Reimbursement Payment Schedules. MCG screenings can save many lives and billions of dollars in HealthCare costs as well as monitor both the efficacy of pharmacological treatments and recovery from invasive cardiac procedures.