CardioComm Solutions, a provider of ECG management services in North America, has opened C4 CardioComm Coordinating Centre in Ontario, for arrhythmia monitoring and management.

The C4 service combines the hardware, software and services which allow physicians and clinics to reliably offer patients Event Loop Recording (ELR) services through their own offices, CardioComm Solutions said.

CardioComm Solutions CEO Etienne Grima said that C4 is the first automated, web-based service for arrhythmia management that benefits both the physician and the patient.

“It provides physicians an immediate, easily-accessible turnkey solution for ELR from their offices,” Grima said.

“C4 streamlines the process of arrhythmia detection to help doctors provide better, more direct cardiac care to patients. The doctor provides the ELR and retains oversight for patient cardiac care, while C4 provides the rest of the monitoring process.”