CardioComm Solutions is seeking FDA clearance for its GUAVA II, a new ECG viewer with ECG algorithm technologies.

GUAVA is a medical software device with a formal Application Programming Interface (API) and can be incorporated from Host Applications to provide services for capturing, storing, retrieving, viewing, editing, and analyzing electrocardiograms.

GUAVA II will analyze and produce measurements of the ECG recording in addition to textual interpretations.

CardioComm CEO Etienne Grima said in current versions of our host applications of GEMS and GlobalCardio ECG management software solutions, GUAVA is an embedded ECG viewer technology.

"Where companies have their own information management and work flow solutions and do not require GEMS or GlobalCardio, we instead have provided customized licenses of this ECG viewer," Grima added.

The product provides ECG signal processing and analysis on a beat by beat basis for QRS and Ventricular Ectopic Beat detection, QRS feature extraction, interval measurement, heart rate measurement, and rhythm analysis for up to twelve leads of captured data.

As an API, GUAVA II may also be licensed to third party organizations and other software developers interested in embedding the capabilities within their own products, according to the company.