Epi+Gen CHD, Cardio Diagnostics' first test and flagship product, utilizes this and other patented and proprietary technologies


Cardio Diagnostics is a biotechnology company that makes cardiovascular disease prevention and early detection more accessible, personalized, and precise. (Credit: Ali Hajiluyi on Unsplash)

Cardio Diagnostics, a pioneering precision cardiovascular testing company, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued to the University of Iowa Research Foundation U.S. Patent No. 11,414,704 titled COMPOSITIONS AND METHODS FOR DETECTING PREDISPOSITION TO CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASE, which is exclusively licensed to the Company from UIRF, and that was co-invented by Cardio Diagnostics founders, Meesha Dogan, Ph.D., and Robert Philibert, MD Ph.D., the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of the Company, respectively.

Cardiovascular disease (“CVD”) is the leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for 1 in 4 deaths. Within CVD, coronary heart disease (“CHD”) is the most common type of CVD and the primary driver of heart attacks. Despite being largely preventable, the American Heart Association projects that by 2035, nearly 45% of Americans will have some form of CVD.

“Drs. Dogan and Philibert exemplify the excellence in innovation at the heart of the University of Iowa’s research,” said Marie Kerbeshian, executive director of the UIRF. “By tackling cardiovascular disease, among the deepest of challenges affecting our healthcare system, Cardio Diagnostics and the researchers from the University of Iowa will transform the cardiovascular disease care continuum.”

Epi+Gen CHD, Cardio Diagnostics’ first test and flagship product, utilizes this and other patented and proprietary technologies. Introduced in 2021, it is a three-year symptomatic CHD risk assessment test, targeting CHD events, including heart attacks. Epi+Gen CHD™ is a scientifically backed clinical test that is based on an individual’s objective genetic and epigenetic DNA biomarkers. The Company believes Epi+Gen CHD™ is the first clinical test for CHD primary prevention that provides personalized insights based on these two types of DNA biomarkers unique to every individual.

“We believe that the issuance of this patent further strengthens Cardio Diagnostics’ position as a category maker in the use of epigenetic-genetic technologies to address the rising incidence of cardiovascular disease,” stated Meesha Dogan, CEO, and co-founder of Cardio Diagnostics.

Source: Company Press Release