CareCenter MD is a multimodality PC-based diagnostic workstation designed for physician practices, to deliver wireless capabilities.

Cardiac Science said that the CareCenter MD diagnostic workstation features wireless data acquisition, through which a Bluetooth connection between the patient and the diagnostic workstation removes the need for cables, providing the opportunity for physicians to perform testing in a wider range of settings.

Cardiac Science claimed that it is an advanced connectivity through which physicians can read, analyze, and confirm patient tests from anywhere with a secure internet connection. While no EMR is required to view data with CareCenter MD, records can be easily transferred to an EMR if desired.

It also shares patient database in which data for both ECG and stress tests are stored in the same database and can be easily accessed and reviewed, allowing physicians to make real-time comparisons of historical versus current patient data.

Dave Marver, president and CEO of Cardiac Science, said: “This is another important new product for our cardiac monitoring business.”

Rene Mitchell, director of marketing at Cardiac Science, said: “CareCenter MD delivers superior ease-of-use and efficiency. It’s the first PC-based diagnostic workstation that supports both resting ECG and stress testing with a wireless data acquisition module.

“And, it allows physicians to comply with pending electronic record mandates even if they have not yet chosen an electronic medical record (EMR) partner.”