Cardiac Science, a provider of automated external defibrillator (AED) and diagnostic cardiac monitoring devices, has added two electrocardiographs (ECGs) under its Burdick brand.

The Burdick 8500 ECG features a friendly user interface, multi-angle 7-inch widescreen, adjustable protocol settings, and color display to make reading the continuous waveform data easy.

Cardiac Science said ECGs, available only in the US, deliver built-in, bi-directional communication so customers can connect to EMRs.

With the Burdick 8500 ECG, customers can view continuous 3-, 6-, and 12-leads of data on the color display, adjust the 7-inch adjustable widescreen color display for contrast and viewability, store up to 300 digital ECG records and can enjoy on-screen QuickTips.

Additionally customers can reduce typing mistakes and save time by downloading patient information from electronic medical record (EMR/HIS) system and eliminate the hassle of scanning and filing.

The Burdick 8300 offers similar performance, connectivity, reliability, and workflow in an economic package.