CardeaScreen, developed and produced by Cardea, is a proprietary, handheld 12-lead ECG device and software that provides a major breakthrough to improve the reliability of the electrocardiogram (ECG) for the identification of cardiovascular issues associated with sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) in young athletes.

"Cardea Associates brings to market compelling ECG technologies that greatly enhance the ECG data for the purpose of finding potential life threatening conditions in young athletes," said Brad Harlow, CEO of Cardiac Insight.

"For years we have known ECG data plays an important role in distinguishing underlying cardiac risk, and the CardeaScreen product is aligned very well with our field of expertise, providing an excellent foundation for the introduction of our body worn sensing technologies."

Cardiac Insight is developing advanced body worn ECG sensing technology aimed at the early diagnosis of atrial fibrillation (AF) and other conditions. This condition is significantly under-diagnosed and, when left undetected, may lead to significant increased risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

The company’s sensor technology aims to streamline the AF detection process for patients and physicians while dramatically reducing equipment costs. Earlier last year the company announced a strategic collaboration with Welch Allyn, now part of the Hill-Rom family of companies, for the distribution rights of certain products and technologies offered by Cardiac Insight.

"Today’s announcement is a benchmark event for Cardea Associates and the continued growth and utilization of the CardeaScreen product," said David Hadley PhD, President of Cardea Associates. "With the strength of Cardiac Insight’s distribution partners we believe the CardeaScreen product will become the standard of care for ECG screening to measure the risk of sudden cardiac arrest in the athletic and medical markets."

Cardea Associates is dedicated to saving lives through cardiovascular research and product innovation. The company works with research partners, institutions and thought leaders around the world to improve screening for heart health.

CardeaScreen is a proprietary diagnostic product that measures and records the electrical activity of the heart and aids the physician to make a determination of the risks associated with sudden cardiac arrest.