Capsule Technologies, a medical device integration and non-critical care patient monitoring solutions provider, has announced the acquisition of Bernoulli Health, a clinical surveillance solutions provider.


Image: The acquisition is expected to strengthen the Capsule Technologies’ position in the business. Photo: Courtesy of Adam Radosavljevic/Pixabay.

Capsule said that the acquisition includes Bernoulli One, a real-time clinical surveillance solution that gives contextual information on a patient’s condition to the care teams in order to facilitate an early intervention, improved patient safety and better clinical outcomes.

The acquisition is expected to strengthen the Capsule Technologies’ position in the business by extending the reach of its clinical platform into additional use cases by adding patient data visualization to the platform’s existing data management and connectivity capabilities.

Capsule Technologies product management vice president Kevin Phillips said: “Capsule Technologies’ success is built on our vendor-neutral approach, giving hospitals the flexibility and freedom to deploy almost any medical device.

“Our customers are assured that we can connect to their devices, process data on the fly, and integrate normalized relevant physiologic and treatment data to any downstream clinical system that best meets their needs.”

Bernoulli Health’s clinical surveillance solution is expected to provide early detection of critical events so that the care teams could intervene prior to the deterioration occurs.

Through the acquisition, Capsule Technologies would benefit from the addition of Bernoulli Health’s capabilities to focus on improving patient safety by providing clinicians with tools that simplify clinical workflow and provide data-driven insights at the point of care.

Bernoulli Health chief executive officer Janet Dillione said: “Bernoulli Health and Capsule Technologies have a shared vision to unlock the power of medical device data to provide better clinical insights across all levels of patient acuity.

“With the emergence in the market of clinical surveillance, predictive analytics and real-time healthcare, we are confident that bringing together these two organizations will be highly beneficial to all our stakeholders and especially customers.”

As a global provider of medical device integration for hospitals and healthcare organizations, Capsule Technologies offers a platform that captures streaming data from virtually any medical device and transforms context rich information to any clinical documentation.