“The results from the initial CE mark pivotal studies documented positive remodelling. The Sideguard 3 study is intended to provide further certainty for those findings.” said Gary S. Mintz. Further, Akiko Maehara, who also completed the analysis for the initial study said: “We are looking forward to having more clinical proof of the mechanisms of the remodelling process of nitinol in coronary stents.” Gary S. Mintz, MD, & Akiko Maehara, MD, Cardiovascular Research Foundation, New York, USA, are the co-PIs for the study.

One of the primary German investigators in the Sideguard 3 study and pioneer in dedicated sidebranch bifurcation stenting, Karl-Eugen Hauptmann, MD, Krankenhaus der Barmherzigen Brueder in Trier, Germany, stated: “Sideguard is my stent of choice for the treatment of bifurcation lesions. I am very happy to continue my close collaboration with Cappella in this interesting clinical trial.” Karl-Eugen Hauptmann has recently enrolled the first patients into the study.