Designed for refrigeration of medical chambers and analytical storage compartments, the DA-280 TEA is an alternate to smaller compressor based systems.

Refrigeration is vital in medical storage chambers. Temperature fluctuations can affect the life of a reagent, as they may only last a couple of hours at room temperature and this can influence the final test result.

Offering more than 280 Watts of cooling power, the compact DA280 offers reliable operation with low maintenance costs and is environmentally friendly. Additional design factors include, temperature stability, and enhanced resistance to moisture intrusion, which can be a problem for applications that operate below dew point.

“This expands the PowerCool Series product offering with a much higher cooling capacity system,” says Andrew Dereka, Product Director at Laird Thermal Systems.

“New environmental regulations, particularly in Europe is driving interest from leading medical device OEMs to consider thermoelectric based cooling systems as an alternate substitute to compressor based systems. The problem with new compressor based systems is that they use natural refrigerants, which can have flammability issues during transport.”

The DA-280 Direct-to-Air TEA operates on 24 VDC and uses custom thermoelectric (Peltier) modules to maximize cooling capacity and optimize efficiency. The unit uses premium grade fans with low noise and has superior barrier protection to keep moisture from penetrating inside the unit. The hot side heat exchanger has been optimized to dissipate heat into the environment at a rapid rate. Custom configurations available upon request.

Source: Company Press Release