Capio, a pan- European healthcare provider offering a range of medical, surgical and psychiatric healthcare services, has completed the acquisition of the Swedish healthcare group Legevisitten.


Image: Capio completes acquisition of Legevisitten. Photo: Courtesy of IndypendenZ/

The acquisition increases Capio’s capacity within geriatrics and related services for the elderly in the Stockholm area and strengthens Capio’s position facing the geriatric free healthcare choice introduction in Stockholm next year.

The acquisition also adds about 82,000 listed patients to Capio’s base of recurring listed patients, which further supports Capio’s digi-physical offering with digital consultations and a broad network of physical primary care units.

Including the acquired units, Capio now has close to 900,000 listed patients and about 100 physical primary care centers across 13 counties and regions in Sweden.

The acquisition of Legevisitten is expected to be accretive on an earnings per share basis from 2019.

Source: Company Press Release