SPSmedical is involved in providing biological and chemical indicators for sterility assurance monitoring services in the acute-care, alternate-care and dental markets.

Crosstex president and CEO Gary Steinberg said SPSmedical is the perfect complement to the company’s ConFirm brand biological monitoring business.

"SPS is recognized as an expert in instrument sterilization and reprocessing protocols, and is a highly respected provider of education programs, personnel training and healthcare facility audit services," Steinberg added.

Cantel Medical president and CEO Andrew Krakauer said the company is excited that Chuck and Nancy Hughes as well as John Hughes and Mariann Hughes have entered into multi-year agreements and will continue to lead SPSmedical.

"Chuck Hughes is a world renowned expert on sterilization and instrument reprocessing for the prevention of healthcare associated infections," Krakauer added.

"In his new role at Cantel, Chuck will be able to apply his expertise across the entire Cantel family of companies to further enhance our sterility and reprocessing protocols, bolstering our leadership in the infection prevention and control industry."