The meeting is being held at McCormick Place in Chicago, US, from November 27 to 30, 2016.

The Clarius C3 multipurpose ultrasound scanner is designed to image the abdomen and lungs.

It features a virtual phased array for quick scans of the heart.

Another product, Clarius L7, as claimed by the company is ideal for guiding procedures and imaging superficial structures.

The ultrasound scanners are resistant to water for easy cleaning and sterilisation. They are powered by rechargeable battery which can be easily exchanged when running low.

Clarius scanners have been built with magnesium case, so that they can work in challenging environments.

Clarius Mobile Health chairman and CEO Laurent Pelissier said: "By focusing on exceptional image quality, we have succeeded in producing a handheld ultrasound scanner that appeals to a broad spectrum of physicians. 

"We look forward to demonstrating the unique capabilities of Clarius Scanners to the radiology community."

The company has applied for regulatory clearance in several regions.

Image: Clarius introduces handheld ultrasound scanners at RSNA 2016. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Clarius Mobile Health.