Canon, a US based provider of digital imaging solutions, is set to unveil a complete range of digital radiography (DR) imaging solutions.

Canon’s RadPRO 40kW Digital Mobile System features CXDI-70C Wireless DR system, which eliminates sensor cable while delivering high-quality images and effortless portability.

Canon’s new CXDI-80C Wireless and CXDI-60C DR systems are compatible with a number of Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).

The company’s RadPRO ELITE Overhead System advances digital radiography application with the ability to be outfitted with Canon’s CXDI-70C Wireless DR system along with the new CXDI-501 and CXDI-401 DR systems.

The RadPRO URS50RF two-in-one digital radiography fluoroscopy (RF) imaging system features a portable Canon CXDI-50RF Dynamic/Static DR System which aids hospitals, clinics and imaging centers to consolidate their R&F functions.

The company will also unveil other flat panel digital radiography detectors.

Canon will unveil these DR solutions at the 2011 American Healthcare Radiology Administrators (AHRA) Exposition.