Guided said its LuViva received Health Canada marketing approval in December 2011 under its former name, LightTouch.

LuViva scans the cervix and identifies cancer and pre-cancer painlessly and non-invasively using the light.

LuViva utilizes the company’s patented biophotonic technology and detects changes at the cellular level, thus helping in distinguishing between normal and diseased tissue.

Guided Therapeutics CEO and president Mark Faupel said CAN-med’s reputation and commitment to women’s health, from mammography to gynecological imaging products, makes the company suited to launch LuViva to the Canadian market.

CAN-med Healthcare Medical/Surgical Sales and Marketing director Jim Ritcey said they believe that LuViva will be well received, with an opportunity to positively impact the lives of women at risk for developing cervical cancer.

"Additionally, we believe that LuViva will bring a new level of efficiency and cost effectiveness to the healthcare system,"Ritcey said

Stephen McDonald, CAN-med’s Vice President & General Manager adds "Guided Therapeutics and the LuViva product are a great match for us in bringing new products to the Canadian market."