Cambridge Temperature Concepts (CTC) received medical approval for their revolutionary non-invasive fertility monitor, DuoFertility. CTC have begun shipping DuoFertility monitors to one hundred couples across Europe. Couples have been selected by the Company to trial the device and give feedback on its usability and design before product launch. This news comes just one year after the Company received seed-funding of £375,000 in private investment to aid product development.Having received medical approval for sale throughout the EU, the first trials of DuoFertility are underway, involving one hundred couples across Europe. Identifying precisely when ovulation occurs is critical to a couple’s chances of conceiving a baby. Other fertility monitors on the market require daily urine samples, manual body basal temperature readings and complicated charts to detect when ovulation occurs but DuoFertility consists of a tiny sensor embedded in a small coin sized patch and a compact digital hand-held reader. The stick-on patch can be worn discreetly by a woman under the arm and it continuously monitors for the most accurate domestic indicator of ovulation which is a half-degree change in a woman's body temperature. The compact digital hand-held reader shows results whenever desired, allowing couples to pinpoint the optimum time for conception.