Tri Valley Health System's Cambridge Memorial Hospital has installed Toshiba America Medical Systems' (TAMS) Aquilion 64 CT and Aplio XG Ultrasound systems to improve image quality and diagnostic efficiency.

The Aquilion 64 delivers 0.5 mm resolution across all 64 detector rows and the system’s acquisition time aids Tri Valley Health System physicians to perform exams including basic head, neck, chest, pelvis, aorta and renal CTA imaging.

Tri Valley Health System also uses noise reduction tools, such as quantum denoising software (QDS) and Boost 3D, that allow image quality to be maintained at a lower dose.

Tri Valley Health System is also using the Aplio XG ultrasound system for general imaging and for 2D applications, as well as examinations, including obese patients or those with fatty livers.

Tri Valley Health System Imaging Services director Ross Ebbers said using the Aquilion 64 system, they have improved image quality while achieving reductions in radiation during both vascular and general radiology exams.

"The system positions us to expand our exam capacity and conduct additional advanced studies in the future," Ebbers said.