Vertatschitsch joined Calypso Medical in 2003 and served as the company’s interim CEO since July 2010.

Prior to joining Calypso Medical, Vertatschitsch managed hardware development at Palm Incorporated, which included the development of seven successful Palm Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) products.

Earlier in his career, Vertatschitsch was chief scientist at the Boeing Company where he led the Phased Array Systems Organization.

Calypso Medical chairman of the Board of Directors and Skyline Ventures managing director John Freund said Vertatschitsch has made contributions to the development of Calypso Medical’s technology and is the ideal person to lead their company.

"As interim chief executive officer, Vertatschitsch provided strong leadership, helping advance the Calypso System through global expansion and key partnerships. He has the passion, leadership skills, organizational abilities, intimate knowledge of the technology and unwavering commitment to our customers that are critical to ensuring Calypso Medical’s continued success," Freund said.