The instrument removes a key bottleneck in the current workflow for sequencing by replacing the tedious gel isolation and purification steps used for size selection of sheared genomic DNA. The LabChip XT and its integrated software utilise a multi-channel microfluidic chip to quickly process samples independently and without the potential for cross contamination.

Kevin Hrusovsky, president and CEO of Caliper Life Sciences, said: “The LabChip XT was developed in collaboration with leading sequencing centers and providers of next generation sequencing instrumentation and chemistries.

“We are confident that the LabChip XT, the first product Caliper is introducing to the sequencing market, will improve sample preparation efficiency and downstream data processing two critical elements for next-gen sequencing. We are collaborating with our newly formed Sequencing Science Advisory Board to demonstrate these sequencing workflow improvements as well as to develop additional technology platforms in this sector.”

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