Orders totaling $188,000 shipped in the fourth quarter of 2013, with the remaining $366,000 scheduled to be shipped in the first quarter of 2014.

ConBio has been Caliber’s exclusive distributor in China and Hong Kong for nearly five years.

ConBio CEO Margaret Shang noted to date, the VivaScope system has been adopted by many of the company’s customers throughout China, primarily national and regional opinion leaders in dermatology, and additional customers are quickly following suit.

"With more than 60 VivaScope systems on the ground in China, the system’s noninvasive point-of-care platform has proven to be clinically applicable in a wide range of contexts.

"Before the VivaScope system, dermatologists did not have any meaningful tools to give an objective and scientific evaluation and diagnosis of various skin conditions noninvasively in vivo at the cellular level.

"VivaScope has helped dermatologists in accurately diagnosing skin diseases, follow-up and evaluation of treatment, which has significantly helped Chinese doctors gain knowledge about various skin conditions and their patients’ response to treatment," Shang added.