Scotland-based medical devices company Calcivis has completed the first clinical trial of its Caries Activity Imaging System.

The Calcivis Caries Activity Imaging System is a medical device and consumable combination, developed for the assessment and management of dental caries (tooth decay).

The system is an in-clinic device that combines a sensitive intraoral camera and application technology to deliver a precise amount of disclosing solution, containing a photoprotein, onto the tooth surface.

The trial was the first to evaluate the system in a full clinical dental setting, and was carried out in 39 patients by four general dental practitioners based in three practices in Scotland.

The company is expected to provide the full results and analysis in early 2015.

Principle investigator said: "It has been very interesting to be involved with a clinical study of this new technology in Scotland. The images have the potential to provide real insights into the ongoing demineralisation disease process."

The system combines specialised imaging device that allows accurate detection and visualisation of demineralisation by imaging free calcium ions at the tooth surface.

According to the company, the Caries Activity Imaging System has received CE mark approval.