Caire, a global oxygen therapy manufacturer, has introduced the wearable FreeStyle Comfort portable oxygen concentrator, which offers wireless connectivity to CAIREview telehealth solution powered by SynsorMed.

Style concentrator

Image: Caire FreeStyle Comfort is a 5 lb and five-setting pulse flow portable oxygen concentrator. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire / CAIRE Inc.

Featuring an advanced comfort curve and, the new five-pulse-setting prescription FreeStyle device was earlier tested with selected partners of the company.

The concentrator, which weighs only 5lbs, is suitable for around 12 million adults in the US diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), said the company.

The disease statistics were provided by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute.

The curved shell of the FreeStyle Comfort is said to skim the natural curve of the body, making it comfortable device to wear compared to other concentrators that come in oval and more square shapes.

The portable oxygen concentrator can be operated through wall outlet power, motor vehicle power, or rechargeable battery power. It is designed for travel and also FAA compliant for commercial air flights.

FreeStyle Comfort features glow-in-the-dark buttons and LCD display screen, which displays prescribed flow settings and remaining battery charge

User-replaceable battery packs are available in two sizes such as 8-cell and 16-cell, which hold capacity to operate up to 4 hours and 8 hours.

With a capacity to deliver up to 1050 milliliters of oxygen per minute, the FreeStyle Comfort is installed with sensitive breath detection features and the firm’s UltraSense technology.

When no-breath alarm occurs, the device delivers oxygen therapy at its current setting at a rate of 20 breaths per minute until the alarm condition has been disposed.

The smart oxygen concentrator is also provided with wireless connectivity capabilities, enabling to connect to the firm’s telehealth solution called CAIREview that is powered by SynsorMed.

Caire, a Chart Industries firm, supplies portable oxygen concentrators, stationary oxygen concentrators, liquid oxygen therapy systems, and military oxygen systems.

Chart Industries’ BioMedical Group president Earl Lawson said: “We are proud to introduce the latest in a long line of leading oxygen therapy equipment used in the treatment of those individuals diagnosed with COPD. The FreeStyle Comfort blends together durability, clinical efficacy and comfort for its user.”