The European Union has granted CE mark to C8 MediSensors' non-invasive continuous glucose monitor (nCGM), designed for use in patients with diabetes.

The new portable system, Optical Glucose monitor measures glucose readings by the vibrations created on the skin using a beam of light produced through Raman spectroscopy.

The company said to provide the wearer with a continuous picture of glucose dynamics throughout the day, the stored glucose readings are sent wirelessly to the user’s smartphone.

Previously conducted clinical trials on the Optical Glucose monitor, which is worn under clothes against the skin, have demonstrated the same accuracy as compared to earlier versions of invasive CGMs.

C8 MediSensors CEO Paul Zygielbaum said the company is committed to help people who suffer with diabetes disease.

"Our team is hugely excited to be working to make nCGM and the Optical Glucose Monitor System available throughout Europe," Zygielbaum added.