Burkert Fluid Control Systems has introduced new Element steam control valve to overcome the drawbacks of conventional steam valves.

Burkert’s Element valve is designed for cleaner and hygienic applications and is manufactured using stainless steel which has no interstices for dirt to accumulate and no paint to peel.

The valve is aesthetic in appearance, corrosion and chemical resistant and operates with total reliability in wash-down areas.

The internals of the Element steam valve includes a new piston actuator and an internal air channels which stop internal corrosion and biological growth within the actuator.

The actuator is also designed with contact-less and internal stroke detection which provide twin advantages of never becoming clogged or wearing out.

The Element system solves total control loop processes and also saves processing time by offering total control solutions for media from slurries to steam, and from de-ionised water to hydrochloric acid.