Biological Signal Processing (BSP), a developer and commercialiser of advanced products for the non invasive, accurate diagnosis of heart diseases, has received the European CE conformance mark grant for its HyperQ AD-100, intended for improved diagnostic performance of Stress ECG.

The HyperQ AD-100 product is an add-on system, with the HyperQ technology incorporated in parallel to existing standard stress ECG systems. The integration of the HyperQ AD-100 into Stress ECG systems enables accurate and sensitive diagnosis of Ischemic Heart Disease.

The technology developed by BSP is implemented in a non invasive manner and does not involve exposure to radiation or other hazards to patients. It is highly effective in diagnosing sick people and in ruling out disease in healthy individuals. The HyperQ AD-100 enables physicians to benefit from the clinical advantages of the technology without the need to replace their existing installed Stress ECG system.

BSP said that the CE mark was also granted to its software product, the HyperQ-AN. The product enables analysis with the HyperQ technology and can be employed in OEM and licensing business models in existing commercial stress ECG systems, such as the company’s collaboration with Schiller AG.

Nissim Greisas, CEO of BSP, said: “The integration of the HyperQ Add-On systems into the vast installed base of standard Stress ECG systems significantly expands our potential global market. The worldwide annual stress ECG system market is estimated at $200m, and the total standard ECG installed base represents an estimated $800m market for the new product.”