Biological Signal Processing (BSP) has signed a US non exclusive distribution agreement with Synergistic Medical Network (SMN), to distribute and market its products to physicians in clinics and hospitals throughout the US.

BSP said its products are based on its proprietary, patented HyperQ technology which offers first line diagnostics of enhanced performance for the detection of Ischemic Heart Disease (IHD).

The HyperQ technology utilises advanced signal processing techniques for extracting and analysing valuable clinical information from high-resolution ECG signals, providing a new diagnostic tool with superior accuracy, compared to conventional stress ECG analysis.

BSP CEO Nissim Greisas said they believe that SMN, with its proven sales track record in the US, is optimally positioned to commercialise their products.

"In an atmosphere of increasing concerns over patient exposure to radiation and recent cutbacks on the payment for costly cardiac imaging modalities, their products provide a low cost, radiation free and accurate IHD diagnostic option, ripe for wide implementation in the US healthcare system," Greisas said.

Synergistic Medical Network managing partner Tom Newman said SMN is excited to offer the BSP Hyper-Q technology along with robust family of advanced diagnostic products for the cardiology market.

"We believe BSP’s advanced ischemia detection technology (Hyper-Q) is another example of our commitment to the Cardiology community channeling added value through innovative leading edge technologies," Newman said.

BSP’s product line includes the HyperQ EX-300, a hybrid system which offers all the functionalities available in first tier Stress ECG machines coupled with the HyperQ analysis.