BSD Medical, a provider of cancer treatments using radiofrequency (RF) and microwave energy, has received the US government's two separate grants under the Qualifying Therapeutic Discovery Project (QTDP) program.

BSD Medical submitted grant applications for its BSD-2000 Hyperthermia System and its MicroThermX Microwave Ablation System, and both applications were approved.

BSD Medical was awarded $488,958.50, $244,479.25 for each of the two applications. Projects were selected jointly by the Treasury Department and the Department of Health and Human Services.

BSD Medical’s hyperthermia systems are used to treat certain tumors with heat (hyperthermia) while increasing the effectiveness of other therapies such as radiation therapy.

BSD’s microwave ablation system has been developed as a stand-alone therapy to employ precision-guided microwave energy to ablate (destroy) soft tissue.

BSD president Harold Wolcott said that they are pleased that the US government has awarded us the maximum amount for both of BSD’s projects and they believe that both the MTX-180 and the BSD-2000 projects can provide a significant advance in cancer treatment and in US competitiveness in the field of medical science.