BSD Medical, a provider of medical systems, has signed an agreement with Active Medical for the sales and distribution of the MicroThermX Microwave Ablation line of products.

Pursuant to the agreement, BSD recently commenced shipment of MicroThermX systems and synchronous phased array disposable antennas to Active.

Active has the rights to market the MicroThermX line of products in Delaware, Maryland, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. The Active sales team will work in close collaboration with BSD sales management and the company’s direct sales representatives to penetrate this significant US market opportunity.

BSD Medical domestic sales vice president Brian Ferrand noted the company’s partnership with Active Medical is very synergistic as both companies have products that target the interventional radiology and surgical markets.

"Active already has the relationships with key interventional radiologists and administrators that are important for MicroThermX to be successful in the hospital environment. We expect Active will make a strong contribution toward expanding our MicroThermX user base in the Eastern U.S. and increasing domestic revenue," Ferrand added.

The MicroThermX microwave ablation system is a compact, mobile, state-of-the-art, proprietary system that includes a microwave generator, single-patient-use disposable antennas, and a thermistor-based temperature monitoring system.

The design of the MicroThermX allows delivery of higher power levels using a single generator. The MicroThermX utilizes innovative synchronous phased array technology that was developed and patented by BSD to provide larger and more uniform zones of ablation during a single procedure.

The MicroThermX product line includes an innovative, high-end disposable that is used in each ablation treatment, and provides ongoing revenue streams for BSD. The soft tissue ablation world market potential is estimated to exceed $2.3 billion.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has granted the company a 510(k) clearance to market the MicroThermX for ablation of soft tissue. BSD has also received CE Marking for the MicroThermX system, which allows BSD to market the MicroThermXsystem in Europe.

CE marking is also recognized in many countries outside of the EU, providing BSD the ability to market the MicroThermXto a number of international markets.