Bruker Daltonics has introduced a new Maldi Sepsityper kit for the rapid identification of microorganisms from positive blood culture bottles using Maldi Biotyper solution.

Bruker said that the Maldi Biotyper has obtained the IVD-CE mark and is currently for Research Use Only (RUO) outside of the European Union.

The Maldi Sepsityper kit is a set of consumables that enables a rapid and easy identification workflow after the blood culture bottle has tested positive in few minutes without leading to any false positives during initial testing and validation.

Bruker added that the dentification assay from positive blood cultures is applicable to gram-negative bacteria, gram-positive bacteria and also to yeasts.

Max-von-Pettenkofer Institute in Munich, Germany, assistant medical director Soren Schubert said that they have tested the Maldi Sepsityper kit for several months in their laboratories and are more than pleased with the results.

“The kit is easy to handle, integrated with our Maldi Biotyper approach, and in most cases gives the identification from a positive blood culture significantly earlier, when previously with conventional techniques, we only had the Gram status and the morphology of the microbes,” Schubert said.

“With the Maldi Sepsityper we can expand the advantages of the Maldi Biotyper to yet another very important field of early microbial identification.”