US-based Bruker has introduced new Maldi Tissuetyper solution, which facilitates use of rapifleX Maldi-TOF Mass Spectrometry system for anatomical pathology research.


Based on the the rapifleX instrument, the new Maldi Tissuetyper solution enhances the performance measures for Maldi imaging and allows for completely new projects and measurement strategies.

Bruker Daltonics clinical Maldi solutions executive vice president Dr Wolfgang Pusch said: "The ease-of-use and throughput capabilities make the new rapifleX Maldi-TOF the platform of choice for clinical research applications in anatomical pathology.

Bruker is committed to drive the Maldi Tissuetyper solution not only for mass spectrometry applications, but more and more also in anatomical pathology workflows."

Designed only for research use, the Maldi Tissuetyper can be used for biomarker discovery studies and multi-marker tissue-typing and classification.

The Maldi Tissuetyper is said to extract molecular information as a proteomic fingerprint, displaying peptides and small proteins. It neither requires a molecular probe nor an antibody like traditional histological tissue analysis.

The new solution provides multiplex analysis of multiple potential biomarkers simultaneously in an untargeted approach, as well as complementary information to immunohistochemistry (IHC).

It uses firm’s smartbeam 3D laser, which offers a fast moving laser-beam that is synchronized with the movement of the Maldi target stage.

The Maldi Tissuetyper also provides exclusive statistical analysis software and bioinformatics tools for data mining and visualization of two-dimensional and three-dimensional imaging datasets from multiple tissue sections.

Image: Bruker’s Maldi Tissuetyper solution. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.