US-based Bruker has introduced new Contour Elite 3D optical microscopes, which incorporate high-definition microscopy imaging with three-dimensional (3D) optical metrology functionality.


The new microscopes feature patent-pending illumination design and proprietary software algorithms for data processing, analysis and visualization.

Bruker stylus and optical metrology business general manager Kent Heath said: "The Contour Elite microscopes are the first commercially available white light interferometry-based metrology systems that combine proprietary highest resolution imaging algorithms with innovative hardware enhancements to obtain both nanometer-scale metrology data and high-definition true images of samples.

"Successful characterization of samples in research institutions, industrial R&D facilities, and QA/QC labs requires accurate measurements, crisp imaging and rapid throughput, all of which are combined here in a single platform."

According to the company, Contour Elite system will provide customers with better imagery, extremely repeatable measurement data and accelerated measurement throughput, as well as customizable operation and data analysis.

Featuring the firm’s interferometric optical technology, the new microscopes are said to acquire quantitative measurements with significantly higher density sampling.

The combination of high-throughput sub-nanometer vertical resolution metrology with improved imaging capability makes the Contour Elite microscopes to be used in a wide range of metrology applications in industries ranging from precision machining and microelectronics to optical components and medical devices.

Image: Bruker’s Contour Elite 3D optical microscopes. Photo: courtesy of Bruker Corporation.