Bruker, a provider of solutions for molecular and materials research, has launched amaZon speed and amaZon speed ETD ion trap mass spectrometers (ITMS) for proteomics research.

The amaZon speed provides Maximum Resolution Mode (5,200 u/sec) which enables mass resolution well below 0.1u and can resolve 8+ multiply charged ions in full scans across the widest ITMS mass range (up to m/z 3,000).

The amazon speed in combination with Bruker’s proprietary GlycoQuest glycan DB search engine can retrieve structures of released glycans in an easy, automated approach, thus offering a solution for proteomics research.

The amaZon speed with Bruker’s Compass OpenAccess software, a web-based client server system with push-button solutions is used for quality control (QC), recombinant protein MW verification, and automatic library searches.

Bruker Ion Trap MS product manager Markus Meyer said they are introducing a new tool for the scientific and analytical community, designed to tackle their expanding and molecular measurement challenges.