Breas Medical, an affiliate of PBM Capital Group, has introduced Vivo 60, a life-support ventilator intended for pediatric patients (from 5kg) and adults requiring highly secure and reliable ventilation in the hospital or at home.


The Vivo 60 ventilator, which has very low noise level, is able to measure exhaled volumes. Extensive monitoring solutions provide detailed insight into the quality of ventilation.

According to Breas Medical, both dual limb and single limb circuits (with exhalation valve or leakage port) can be used with the device.

Featuring wide choice of modes and settings, the life support home ventilator can cover a broad range of diseases and matches the needs of individual patients.

Breas Medical president and CEO Nicke Svanvik said that after a highly successful introduction in a first wave of countries, the company now passed the milestone of global release.

"Vivo 60 combines Clinical Excellence, Versatility and Low Cost of Ownership, which makes it an excellent choice for patients, medical professionals and homecare providers," Svanvik added.

Breas Medical R&D manager Per Woxenius said that the technical challenge with Vivo 60 was to develop the technology needed to precisely measure exhaled volumes as small as 50ml in the exhalation valve.

"Our engineering team succeeded in doing so by developing a Smart Valve with a state of the art Turbulator technology," Woxenius added.

Image: A neonatal mechanical ventilator. Photo: Courtesy of Hallbrianh