Brainlab has collaborated with SurgiVision to integrate SurgiVision's ClearPoint with its iMRI product line to focus on local delivery of drugs and other therapeutic agents to target in the brain under magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) guidance.

Integration of their technologies will allow patient-specific treatment planning, simplified clinical workflows and optimal delivery of drugs to the brain.

Under the terms of the agreement, Brainlab also received the right to sell SurgiVision’s ClearPoint product line in the neurological drug delivery field.

SurgiVision will continue to sell its ClearPoint product line directly for all applications outside the neurological drug delivery field.

SurgiVision’s FDA and CE mark approved ClearPoint system provides guidance for the placement and operation of instruments during neurological procedures performed within the MRI environment.

Brainlab’s Brainsuite iMRI integrates intra-operative MRI with surgical planning and ceiling-mounted navigation, allowing full utilization of intra-operative data for making informed decisions during the procedure.

iPlan Flow enables neurosurgeons to optimize local drug delivery to the CNS, based on patient specific imaging.

University of California San Francisco Department of Neurosurgery vice chair Krystof Bankiewicz said direct, image-guided delivery of therapeutic agents into the brain provides the next generation platform for delivering a wide range of promising therapies for patients suffering from CNS disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and malignant brain tumors.